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    Group 4, My Tan Quarter, My Xuan Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

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  • Wednesday , Date 19/09/2018
  • According to the Indonesian Textile Association (API), export prices may default from Indonesia likely to hold steady this year at $ 11.9bn, similar to the level achieved in 2016. The establishment of foreign trade barriers the the recent recent and and and and and Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Tan.

    Hanh Thong Tay Church is located at 53/7, Quang Trung Street, Ward 11, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh in a gentle appearance, elegant with white, gray mainstream. This is a rare Byzantine architectural style, while most churches in Vietnam are designed in the Gothic or Romanesque style. The distinctive feature of the Byzantine architecture in the church is the only semi-circular arch with the hemisphere at the end of the sanctuary (concentric pattern). The top of the dome is a spiral-shaped pyramid for light. The outside of the church is covered with slabs, decorated with patterns combined with simple reliefs of plaster. Below the church bell tower is built of stone, the inside is a set of three different three-tone bell. This bell was molded by the famous bell maker Paccard of France in 1925.

    Different from the simple look, the church interior is decorated magnificently through the detailed decoration, meticulous. Prominent is the arcade dome along the length of the church grafted from square relief. Along the two sides are columns with elaborate texture on the head. Between the columns also use the form of arches, hanging ceiling fans from the French. Surrounded by colorful window panes, the gilded statues depict each of the hardships that Giesu has experienced. Especially the three altars on the sanctuary are elaborately sculptured from Italian marble. Around the walls and ceilings are decorated with many mosaics (Mosaic). The most impressive is the fresco of the Lord Giesu, who is buried at Mary and St. John in the arch of the sanctuary.

    The church was built in 3 years (1921-1924) by Le Phat An investment for two contractors Baader and Lamorte of France construction. Le Phat An is the younger brother of Queen Nam Phuong (wife of King Bao Dai, the last emperor of the feudal Vietnam) and the son of Le Phat Dat, one of the four most famous landowners in Nam Ministry at that time. In gratitude, the community buried him and her in the cathedral. Before each grave is a statue of two marble grandparents dressed in traditional gowns kneeling with flowers carved by the famous French architect A. Contenay and P. Ducuing . In the afternoons after the ceremony, St. Joseph is a place where people send their hearts, joys and joys in life.

    With Hanh Tay Tay Parish exists for more than 150 years, Hanh Thong Tay Church has made a deep impression on the faith journey of nearly 6,000 lay people. Through the ups and downs of time, Hanh Thong Tay Church has become a valuable religious asset and a unique architectural heritage of Saigon.

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